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Effects of Road Networks and Human Population Density on the Risk of Dog Bite Incidents and Rabies in Nigeria (Published)

Despite efforts made to curb its spread, occurrence of rabies has continued to persist among domestic dogs in Africa. In this study we report the results of an exploratory spatial analysis and a cross-sectional study of effects of road networks and human population density on the prevalence of dog bites and rabies in Nigeria. A total of 577 dog bite cases from 17 locations, with their affected 55 administrative areas (2015-2019), were investigated. Logistic regression models were fit to the data and odds ratios at 95% confidence intervals were estimated. There is evidence of statistical relationship between increasing number of standard roadways and an increased prevalence of dog bite and rabies. Standard roadways were significantly associated with prevalence of dog bite incidents in Nigeria.  Availability of good access roads either way may contribute to the persistence of rabies in Nigeria due to massive movements of people and dogs in addition to poor attitude of dog owners towards vaccination of their dogs; or poor access to Veterinary care.

Keywords: dog bite, human population, rabies., road network