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Writing Instruction Reconsidered (Published)

This study is designed to gauge the effectiveness of methods used in our regional universities in writing classes, in comparison to the current methods commonly recommended by specialists and used at most American universities. The data is collected as follows. First, an informal survey was conducted with students who had already completed two writing courses, and various samples of corrected student writings were examined. Second, several interviews were held with a considerable number of writing instructors working at both public and private universities, and their writing syllabi were carefully studied. Data collection focused on the methods and strategies in effect; such as the number of students enrolled in each section, steps of writing taught, instructor responses, documentation of written pieces, textbooks, and grading procedures. The study revealed a number of weaknesses in need of urgent attention and offers suggestions and recommendations to help improve the teaching of English writing in regional universities.

Keywords: Documentation, Prewriting and drafting, Teacher responses, grading., revision, writing handbook

Visual Documentation of Traditional Nigerian Hair Styles and Designs as a means of expressing Social and Cultural Heritage through Photography (Published)

The evolving hair styles in Nigeria today are endangering some traditional hair styles. Many of the beautiful traditional hair styles which identify Nigerians as a people are gradually being eroded, giving way to Western or other foreign styles. As a culture evolves, there is always a need to preserve it. If precautions are not taken to preserve a cultural heritage, it will be lost. This paper explores the use of photography as a tool for documenting traditional Nigerian hair styles and discusses the preservation of those photographs in museums.

Keywords: Documentation, Hair style, Museum, Nigeria, Photography