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An extensive review of equality and the distribution of income for the social activities (Published)

The three topics put together in the title of this paper are not appropriate and can be compared with elements of the classic Russian definition of Winston Churchill. Mystery, mystery in mystery. Make no mistake. This is a complex field. The purpose of this paper is to add some wrinkles to the Byzantine subject area. The ultimate goal is to introduce a new way to measure income distribution. An approach that can provide the basis for actually moving the public policy needle on the issue of income redistribution. The paper begins with a broad overview of “equality and income sharing” as the topic develops from the past. Plus year, the main measure of income distribution is used by economists to assess equality and social status, focusing on the Lorenz curve / Gini ratio analysis. Furthermore, the argument “income distribution and distribution” continues. This is a match for the previous discussion on equality, the preface to the topic “equity and income distribution”, and this paper details a new approach to assessing the equity of income distribution. . This paper concludes with a series of policy implications on income redistribution, as implied by the measurement of income distribution described in the previous section of this paper.

Keywords: Equity, Lorenz curve., distribution of income, equality