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Teacher/ Learner Interactions in Sudanese EFL Task Based Classrooms ) A case study of Two Sudanese Universities) (Published)

Teaching and learning English in an EFL context includes some difficulties, such as how to prepare learners to use English language so as to be able to participate in conversations inside and outside the class. Two Universities were chosen in this study. One of them is University of Bahri, college of Languages, Fourth Year English language department and the other is University of Alneelein (comparative study) .Six classrooms were chosen, three of them  University of  Bahri and other  three in University of  Alneelein, to interact through both video and audio-tapes.  The study explores recurring patterns of questioning behavior and their interactive effects were observed through nonparticipant observation. The findings of this study indicate that display questions were used by the teachers more frequently than referential questions. Also, it was concluded that not all referential questions could create the adequate interaction.

Keywords: Display Questions, and referential questions, classroom observation, interaction, interactive effect

An Analysis of Classroom Discourse: Elicitation Techniques in EFL Classrooms (Published)

This paper is qualitative-quantitative study that concentrates on analyzing and investigating ‘elicitation techniques’ which is believed to be one of the most important features of EFL classroom discourse. It mainly examines the ways in which teachers practice elicitation questioning using data from three different English language classes recorded in ELI at King Abdulaziz University. Conversational analysis was adapted to analyze the selected transcribed extracts and counting was used to calculate the extent to which they are used. The findings indicated that teachers in ELI used three types of question to elicit information from their students: Yes/no question, closed/display questions and open-referential questions. It also revealed that yes/no and closed/display questions were used by teachers more frequently than referential questions. It was concluded that not all referential questions could create enough interaction.

Keywords: Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Display Questions, Elicitation Techniques, Referential Questions