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Gender Based Disparity in Poultry Production in Ethiopia (Published)

A review was carried out with the aim of providing the comprehensive and organized information on Gender based disparity in Poultry production day to day activities. Poultry production has an important economic, social and cultural role in rural areas of developing Countries like Ethiopia where women’s involvement and contribution has not been much recognized even though they contribute a lot for agricultural sector. According to this review results, Village chicken production has a fundamental role in capital build up, poverty minimization, malnutrition and hunger reduction among the resource poor households in developing countries of the world because of their short generation intervals, low input requirements for production, good scavengers and adaptation to harsh production environments. This review results also indicated that women are generally less able than men to participate in economic opportunities because they face a work burden that men do not. In most societies, women are responsible for most of the household and child-rearing activities as well rearing of small livestock, although norms differ by culture and over time. The review went further to address and compile available findings concerning the challenges poultry farmers face and showed that the most serious constraints hindering poultry production was predator followed by flock mortality and prevalence of diseases, and low production.

Citation: Abune Gudeta Regassa (2022) Gender Based Disparity in Poultry Production in Ethiopia, International Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Studies, Vol.9, No.3, pp.11-16


Keywords: Ethiopia, Gender, disparity, poultry production