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Genomic diseases in humans & weapons of universal reactions of matter (Published)

Genomic diseases are caused by structural as well as numerical changes or abnormalities in DNA/s of the Genome. The genomic (genetic) abnormality can range from a discrete mutation in a single base (point mutation) of a single gene in a DNA molecule to gross abnormality of whole DNA molecule involving the addition or subtraction of entire DNA or set of DNAs. The key objective of this study is to spectacularly demonstrate the fact that Genome is the only wonderful molecule that synthesizes itself & all genomic-things using their nutritive substances as raw materials in their compatible environment.  Listing genomic diseases and causative agents including universal reactions of matter as materials & methods and then dealing with them in an interpretive approach in Results and Discussion section had been taken to be the best option or procedure of design.  Results are very concentratedly displayed together with the causative agents in Results and Discussion section particularly in videos of Figure 1 and Figure 2. Genome is the only thing (molecule) that synthesizes all genomic-things & itself. This is why that when the genome becomes an abnormal genome due to abnormal changes in it, it synthesizes abnormal individuals, i.e., persons having genomic diseases. In other words, abnormal genome synthesizes abnormal individuals whereas the normal genome synthesizes normal individuals as in a controlled experiment.Structural or numerical changes, being unnatural in DNA molecule/s of the human Genome result in genomic diseases (disorders). Weaponizing universal reactions of matter and utilizing them in war have been ascertained that it can delete: -humans, all other forms of genomic-things, and science as well as technology we have including economic wealth in cash (that can be burnt just like trash papers in a basket) from the surface of this planet within few hours!!

Keywords: DNA, Genome, abnormality, disorder, gene, genomic disease, weaponizing