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Historical Development of Disciplinary Responsibility (Published)

This article brings to attention one of the most important institutions of the relationship with work, specifically disciplinary responsibility. Through time, the several changes in work legislation, brought the evolution of the concept of this institution, adapting even to the dynamics of the society. Concretely, this article will handle the historical development of disciplinary responsibility and the meaning of the institution of disciplinary responsibility. The disciplinary right, according to the right to work of the Republic of Albania, represents the total of juridical norms that put an internal order at work, enterprise, institutions, norms that are sanctioned and compulsory for the workers, as well as measures that ensure the compliance of these norms. In domocratic societies, the discipline of work moves toward a conscient and voluntary character, different from the dictatorial society, where work discipline represents a discipline dictated, even more through violence and psychological pressure. The aim of the dispositions in the field of discipline of work is regular reinforcement and organization of work, minimization of antidisciplinary demonstrations, of indifference and anarchy at work.

Keywords: Albania, disciplinary, historical development, responsibility