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Modeling Fuel Consumption Rate for Harrowing Operations in Loamy Sand Soil (Published)

A model equation for predicting fuel consumption during harrowing operations using Dimensional analysis with Buckingham pi theorem   was developed. The experiment was conducted at the loamy sand soil of Rivers State Agricultural Development Programme Farm in School to Land Authority, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The experimental design adopted was Factorial Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). The field fuel consumption was measured   using graduated cylinder and stop watch to note the time taken at the end of each operation.  . These field test parameters such as draught, harrowing speed, harrowing depth, moisture content, cone index and width of cut were measured and recorded. The validated developed fuel consumption model equation by graphical comparison showed good treatment between measured and predicted equation results. Furthermore, the RMSE value was low and the t test results showed no significant difference with 95 and 99 % confidence levels.  Consequently, suggested that the equation can be used for predicting fuel consumption for harrowing operations.

Keywords: Dimensional Analysis, Disc Harrow, Predicted Equation, Tractor Forward Speed