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Some problems of realization of humanitarian aid in Borana Zone, Ethiopia (Published)

Disaster is a serious of the functioning community or a society. In response to disaster, Humanitarian Aid Agencies operates under challenging environment. Historically, Borana zone is among the area from the southern part of Ethiopia which is highly vulnerable to both natural and manmade disaster. The researcher aim to identify problem Humanitarian aid agencies faced during their operation. The researcher employed descriptive research design and purposive sampling technique. And data was collected from 139 respondents through questionnaire, FGD and interview.  The finding revealed that; there is the serious prevalence of communication barriers, fund shortage and allocation problems, lack of physical infrastructure and facilities, lack of control and follow up among Humanitarian Aid Agencies and government bodies, lack of collaboration among humanitarian agencies, lack of coordination among government and None Governmental Organizations officials. And drought, disease and economic crises are the top three disasters that are being major cause for humanitarian aid. In general, based the findings the researcher recommended that HAAs, Government bodies and Pastoral communities should set solution for the issue at hand.

Keywords: Disaster, disaster relief logistics, humanitarian aid agency, humanitarian aid and relief supply.