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EFL Students’ Attitudes Towards the English Online Assessments (Published)

Technology has been used for many years to enhance the quality of language learning and instruction. However, the introduction of technology into many contexts for language acquisition was hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Education professionals encountered a variety of new issues as a result of the abrupt change to online learning (Ghanbari and Nowroozi,2021). This study investigated students’ opinions of an English online assessment in terms of affective, cognitive, and behavioral factors. It aims to gauge students’ perspectives of the English online assessment currently employed at their institution and to find out their difficulties when taking online exams so that practical solutions can be recommended to the institution. The study recruited 110 students who have been attending General English courses at a public university in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The participants responded to a questionnaire including 28 items asking mainly about the advantages and disadvantages of the English online assessment that they experienced in their last course. The results revealed that most of the students had positive attitudes toward the online assessment mode although they also experienced several shortcomings when taking the English online exams.

Citation: Nguyen Huynh Trang and Nguyen Phuong Chi (2022) EFL Students’ Attitudes Towards the English Online Assessments, International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.10, No.5, pp.,50-60

Keywords: Advantages, Attitudes, EFL students, English online assessment, disadvantages