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Prioritization of Training Needs of Disadvantaged Young Women for Improved Livelihood for Sustainable Community Development (Published)

Women form the great workforce of every nation. Providing opportunities for women, more especially the young disadvantaged, to participate in the economy will improve their earning capacity, help families to move out of poverty and contribute to overall economy. For disadvantaged young women to meet up with their responsibilities, they need to generate their own income and take decisions for their well-being. Disadvantaged young women capture all young women with fewer opportunities than their peers. They could also be referred to as young women at risk, vulnerable young women with fewer chances to achieve goals, such as education; disconnected or socially and economic exclusive young women. These young disadvantaged women need to be leveraged, given the opportunity in the labour market, education and training, top incorporate innovation approaches to skills acquisition that combine training with employment and income generating opportunities for sustainable livelihood.

Keywords: Disadvantaged young women, Livelihood, training needs and sustainable community development.