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Kuwaiti EFL teachers at the Public Authority for Applied Education: Knowledge about Disability Laws and Attitudes towards Disabled Students (Published)

This study aims to identify the Kuwaiti EFL teachers’ knowledge about disability laws in the Public Authority for Applied Education in Kuwait and their attitude towards disabled students. A questionnaire of two parts (knowledge and attitude) was distributed to 20 EFL teachers. The results of the first part of the questionnaire showed that 60% of the EFL teachers answered 10 questions or less out of 20 questions which comprised the first part of the questionnaire. In the second part of the questionnaire all EFL teachers had positive attitudes towards disabled students. No significant difference was obtained between female EFL teachers and male EFL teachers regarding their knowledge about disability laws and their attitudes towards the disabled students. The study gave some suggestions and recommendations to increase the EFL teachers’ knowledge concerning disability laws in Kuwait.

Keywords: EFL, ELT, ESL, disabled students’ education