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Digital Marketing and Performance of Banks in Port Harcourt (Published)

The study examined digital marketing and performance of selected banks in Port Harcourt. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study.  The study adopted structure questionnaire instrument for data collection with a judgmental sampling method targeted on three money deposit banks which include, First Bank Plc, Access Bank Plc and First City Monument Banks in Port Harcourt.  The sample size was 30 and 10 respondents were selected from the three banks and the unit of analysis are customers, managers, internal control managers and general managers. Data collected were analyzed with Pearson product moment correlation (PPMC) and simple regression analysis statistical tools at 0.05 percent level of significance. The result showed that there is a significant relationship between content marketing, social media marketing, etc. and customer patronage of selected banks in Port Harcourt. The study recommended among others that customer care service unit should create a friendly relationship with their customers.

Keywords: Banks’, Digital Marketing, Performance, Port Harcourt

Digital Marketing Services Enhance Business Performance Goals by Promoting Products and Services to Consumers: A Digital Approach (Published)

The study focus on determining the effect of Digital Essentials tools for promoting products and services to enhance business performance. The digital marketing SMART objectives benchmarked against the existing competitors to ensure effectiveness for achieving the organizational goals. Digital marketing mix utilises marketing techniques, lead generation, social media and website optimization. Digital essentials include targeting and cost effectiveness to promote the product to the needy people at the proper time. Facebook page and QR codes have more influence on the consumer’s behavior as a marketing tool. Content plays very important role for website in attracting potential customers in near future and Flow content is very useful for acquisition and amplification. There are many issues related to online purchase, but the most important concerns of the buyers/customers are: cancellation and refund. Therefore, an organization takes special interest in sorting out such issues. In conclusion the digital essential tools effect business p and promote products and services.

Keywords: Consumers, Digital Marketing, Products, services and business.

Contemporary Digital Marketing Practices in Food Chains in Pakistan (Published)

The very research explores the contemporary digital marketing practices in food chains in Pakistan. The research explores how the digital marketing practices opted by leading food chains in Pakistan are impacting the sales of these food chains. The research has also explored that what digital marketing techniques have been deployed by the food chain and how the different online digital medium to be used for effective advertising. The research is quantitative in nature and a detailed survey questionnaire was developed for the collection of the data. Four external variables i.e Brand Image, Brand Feeling, Brand Resonance and Brand Judgement have been taken to see their impact on Customer Experience. Study results show that external variables have an impact on Customer Experience in the digital marketing sphere.

Keywords: Brand Feeling, Brand Image, Brand Judgement and Customer Experience, Brand Resonance, Digital Marketing, Food Chains