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Evaluation Digital Library Services During Covid-19 Pandemic: Using Users’ Experiences in Academic Institution, Jordan (Published)

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the level of perception of university students of electronic library services as well as the extent of integration of the elements of electronic libraries into the services of classic and digital academic libraries. The qualitative approach to data collection has been employed by using four focus groups from 10 Public Universities summing up to a total of 40 graduate students using (Microsoft Teams). This approach revealed the level of perception of students of the digital content and services. The results indicated that users’ reactions were very good, and accessing databases through the Internet was the most perceived aspect. One of the implications for academic digital libraries is what is related to provision of digital content and services in Internet environment. Recommendations of users is demanding for more help through the Internet for search for information; improving their skills for accessing full texts of this information; provision of better guidance and directions.

Keywords: Academic Library, Digital Library, Jordan, databases, internet services

Digital Literacy and the Implication on Nigerian Digital Library (Published)

Digital libraries are emerging concepts in Nigeria, and digital literacy is a necessary tool or skill needed in making use of resources in the digital library. Most Nigerian libraries are faced with challenges in library usage and services due to inadequate literacy and digital skills required to make maximum use of digital library. This in turn has led to digital divide among both users and staff. Libraries owe it to their users, to make information accessible to all, irrespective of their locations, languages and literacy levels, as libraries support all forms of literacies from basic to digital. How then, can all these be made possible if users are not digitally literate?. The study hope to bring to light the essence of digital literacy in digital libraries, consequence of not being digital literate, and ways libraries can promote digital literacy. The study employed qualitative approach as research design. The researcher searched online journal articles, databases and looked at various studies carried on digital literacy, the importance, digital libraries, implication of digital literacy in libraries and ways libraries can promote digital literacies in their libraries with focus on Nigeria and proffered solutions for tackling the menace of digital divide to digital libraries and to the society generally.

Keywords: Digital Divide, Digital Library, Digital Literacy, Information Communication Technology