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Agro-Firms Strategies and Firms Productivity in Premier Feed Mill Calabar (Published)

Citation: Udoh, P. N., and Usoro, M. U.  (2022) Agro-Firms Strategies and Firms Productivity in Premier Feed Mill Calabar, European Journal of Business and Innovation Research, Vol.10, No.4, pp. 36-53

This research was designed to examine the relationship between Agro-firms Strategies and Firms Productivity, a study of Premier Feed Mill, Calabar. Cross sectional survey design was adopted for the study and a sample size of 194 respondents was drawn using purposive technique. For the objective of the study to be achieved, four hypotheses were formulated. The major instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire administered to the respondent using random sampling techniques. Data collected were analysed using Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Results show that there is a significant correlation between agro-firms strategies and firms productivity. Based on the finding of the analysis, it is concluded, firms should adopt the cost leadership, differentiation, focus and innovation strategy to drive productivity in organization. It also furthered the notion that Agro-firms strategies is important in creating organizational effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. Consequently, this study recommends that more studies should be done to study the effect of agro-firm strategies in the region and their influence on organizational performance. A study may also be carried out to find out how respective customers and stakeholders too are affected by change adopted in an organization. A detailed study of ways to maintain and sustain change should be carried out. Similar studies can be carried out in other firms to compare findings as this study was carried out only in the Premier Feed Mill Calabar.

Keywords: Cost Leadership, Productivity, agro-firm strategies, differentiation and innovation