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Dialogic Storying: A Narrative Research Methodology in English Language Education (Published)

I explore the practices in narrative research, basically in the area of English language education and argue on dialogic storying as a process. The narrative researches capture experiences and events in a form of a story relying on the eventual experiences. It gets authentic voices from Bakhtin’s and Todorov’s notions as they have concentrated on a dialogic formation of narratives. It gave me insights on subjective and ideological exploration in narratives which I have discussed in this article as a dialogic storying in narratives research. I corroborated different notions on narrative researches in English language education as a claim that narratives can be a strong data in English language educational researches. I examined seven dissertations and discussed the subjective and ideological exploration of narratives in practice. I projected a process of dialogic storying as subjective and ideological exploration.

Keywords: Dialogic Storying, Experiences in story, Narrative research, Subjective and ideological experiences