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Challenges to Sustainable Human Capital Development in Nigerian Society: Christian Moral Education Responses (Published)

The study adopted public opinion survey design to investigate challenges to human capital development in Nigerian Society: Christian Moral education response. A sample of three hundred (300) were drawn from the entire population of (508) CRS teachers in South-east geopolitical Zone of Nigeria using accidental sampling technique. A 26 items self developed, questionnaire were used to illicit information from respondents. Two research questions guided the study. The data were analyzed using mean. It was found that: poor understanding of fundamental doctrine of human progression, lack of proper moral formation, man’s non conformity to the law of nature/creation, illiteracy due to poor education, poor management of nature resources, health challenges, high population growth due to poor birth control and sexual abuses and so on constitute challenges to human capital development. The study also revealed that adequate teaching of Christian moral education will inculcate good moral behaviour in the young people, as well as creating in them good understanding of fundamental doctrine of human progression which are the basis of human development. Based on the above finding recommendations were made on improving human capital development in Nigeria

Keywords: : Human Capital, Challenges, Development and Christian Moral Education, Sustainable