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Perception on the Naira Devaluation and Its Effects on Poverty Reduction in Nigeria (Published)

The crash of crude oil price has devastated Nigerian economy being a mono-product economy. The nation’s reserves have dropped and the Central Bank is finding it difficult to meet its import demands. There is agitation from investors and the IMF to devalue the currency to stimulate economic growth, encourage export and discourage import. The public thinks otherwise. The study revealed devaluation of the naira will not encourage significant demand for local goods but rather rise in the prices of local products which rise in direct proportion with imported substitutes thereby fuelling inflation. Also, the economy has remained neither diversified nor internationally competitive. It is recommended among others that government review the current import tariffs, promote incentives to encourage investment in local manufacturing, direct foreign direct investment (FDI) on manufacturing/productive industries with hundred per cent (100%) local raw materials and tax holidays.

Keywords: Devaluation, Inflation, Perception, Social Infrastructure, economic growth