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Cultural and Environmental factors influence on tourists’ choice of destination in Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

The study, cultural and environmental factors influence on tourists’ choice of destination in Delta State, Nigeria, was conducted in Gordon Hotel Resort, Abraka and the source of River Ethiope, Umuaja in Delta State. The study investigated factors that influenced tourist to visit the above destinations. Factors investigated were, cultural and environmental factors. The research design was a survey method using simple random sampling for data collection (n=180). Data collected were analyzed into percentage, frequencies means and Z-test was applied for the test of hypotheses. Uppermost findings revealed were that respondents’ males (78%), educated elites (59%) and adults (45 years) were more involved it tourism. Tourists were more attracted to the fauna ecosystem (mean = 2.91) of the environment than other endowments in THE study area. The most prominent cultural attraction was the cultural museum/monuments (mean = 2.96). The study implied that tourism destination with natural environment encourages agricultural investment. The study concluded that environmental and cultural endowments contributed to tourists’ choice of destination in Nigeria. It was recommended that more women and youth involvement in tourism so to increase income generation.

Keywords: Choice, Cultural, Environment, Tourist, destination