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Fantasy As Screen Memory: Mise-En-Scène of Desire in Alice Munro’s Runaway (Published)

Alice Munro’s character-based short story “Runaway” (2004) mirrors the complexities of the unconscious psyche of the characters, especially the repressed psyche of the female characters as a result of suppression and asocial drives and desires. This paper will show how Alice Munro places fantasy as a setting for her characters where desires are screened through fantasies of the characters where they are planning and creating imaginary scene/s existing between the poles of reality and imagination. This paper will also explain how the whole story is actually the ‘Mise-en-scène’ of desires where the latent aspects of the characters are developed and evolved as a subject through fantasizing the self and other by transgressing the uncertainty and ambiguity of life.

Keywords: Alice Munro, Mise-En-Scène, Runaway, desire, fantasy

Ethics in Modern Drama: A Study of Right and Wrong in Eugene O’Neill’s ‘Desire under the Elms’ (Published)

What is right and what is wrong for men or women has been the intriguing question for the societies all over the world in all ages. Desire under the Elms (1924) is one of the most famous Plays of eminent American playwright of the twentieth century, Eugene O’Neill (1888-1953). In this play, O’Neill chalks out a series of notable themes like- an obsessive love of property, an illicit passion, and an acute father-son conflict, interwoven together with the finest thread of desire and emotion

Keywords: American drama, California, Eugene O’Neill, desire, elms, gold quest, stove