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Evaluation of Courtyard Usage and Its Design Requirements in Residential Buildings in Nigerian Hot-Dry Climate (Published)

The courtyard is an element that is mostly used in buildings in all the climatic regions due to its passive tendencies for low energy consumption. But studies on evaluating its usage and design requirements in Nigerian hot-dry climates are very few. It is on this note that this study evaluates courtyards usage in residential buildings in Gusau metropolis. A specification list was developed for the survey of Fifty two (52) courtyards in fifty two residential buildings. Courtyard design requirements such as; configuration, orientation of courtyard, aspect ratio, vegetation, water pond and shading device were documented. The study shows that the courtyards were not innovatively designed to maximise their passive potentials for improved eco-friendly performance. The study concluded by recommending future studies on courtyard functions and its design variants in building typologies in Nigerian hot-dry climate and this study has provided a starting point to support further investigations in this regard.

Keywords: Climate, Courtyard usage, Design requirements, Residential Buildings