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The Effect of Newly Prepared Cleansing Agent on the Hardness of Highly Impact Acrylic Denture Base Material (Published)

This research study is aimed to evaluate the effect of two prepared and two commercial solutions on Hardness of high impact acrylic denture base material. The total number of specimens was seventy five. They were prepared from high impact acrylic and subdivided into five groups for each solution (EDTA, Soda+H2O2, Lacalut, Corega and distilled water). Indentation hardness test was applied for this research. The specimens were constructed with dimensions 30×15×3± 0.03mm (length, width, and thickness respectively) According to ADA specification number.   The immersion periods in this research area (2day, 7 days and one month).  ANOVA and Duncan multiple range test were used. The statistical results were considered significant at p ≤ 0.05. The results show that there were significant differences in indentation hardness in all solution that use specially in (EDTA) and lacalute  causes decrease of hardness of high impact acrylic material in (2days, 7 days, and one month). It was concluded that (EDTA) and lacalute denture cleanser have the most effect (decrease in the indentation hardness) of high impact acrylic denture base material in (2days, 7 days, and one month)

Keywords: Corega, Denture Cleanser, Hardness.