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Can the Supply of Corporate Social Investments by Organisations Meet Stakeholder Demands (Published)

The authors consider how the demand for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) by communities are supplied by AngloGold Ashanti in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Analysis of the demands of the stakeholders were undertaken quantitatively employing statistical tools such as means and standard deviations. With the stakeholder theory as the lens the study found that management were concerned on adherence to rules and regulations whereas employees were concerned about fair procedures for employee assessment and reward, informational justice, appropriate staff benefits and motivational packages, commitment to employee training and development programs, improving fire safety measures and priority for employee security. For the larger community especially those close to the mining sites, their expectation about CSR include contributing to local community infrastructure projects, support for poverty reduction initiatives, assisting in the provision of safe water supply for communities, creating employment opportunities and scholarship programs for needy students. The study concluded that the demands of stakeholders are not met by these organizations due to lack of consultations before the provisions of corporate social investments. It is recommended that AngloGold has to increase investments in social infrastructural projects especially to meet community demands.

Keywords: Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, Demand and Supply, Mining Industry, Stakeholders