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Heavy Metals in Fish: Bioaccumulation and Health (Published)

Heavy metals occur during natural processes and are also obtained during anthropogenic activities. Heavy metals include chromium, cadmium, arsenic, lead, zinc, nickel, mercury, selenium and copper hence their presence in the aquatic habitat are highly toxic to fishes and shell fishes. Heavy metals are found in the aquatic environment as a result from contamination by heavy metals from industrial, agricultural waste and by-products and domestic waste and by products. The increasing level of heavy metals in fish is alarming and has spurred scientists to make researches on the dangers caused by the heavy metals resulting to heavy metal accumulation and bioaccumulation of life cells. The aim of this study was to assess the possible sources of heavy metal in the aquatic environment, impact of heavy metals in the aquatic environment, its bioaccumulation in fish and human health impact. Several reports tell of the detrimental effect of heavy metals in fish (some of which include; poisonous effect in the blood such as anemia, eosinophilia, lymphocytosis, renal lesions, convulsions and ataxia, detachment of gills, fusion of secondary gill filaments, acute inflammation in the liver, amongst several others) and in man (some of which include, skin diseases, Irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa, nephritis, lung cancer, liver and kidney damage, necrosis, neurological and behavioral disorders and death amongst others). In conclusion, the toxic effects of heavy metals in fish and the effect of bioaccumulation and bio-magnification have been reviewed in this paper. It is therefore recommended that the treatment of all forms of wastewaters, agricultural waste, sewage, industrial effluents be carried out before their discharge in to the environment. Also, the enforcement of all laws, legislations regarding the protection of aquatic life and environment should be enforced and sanctions meted out against defaulters.

Keywords: Bioaccumulation, Death, Growth, Health, Heavy Metals, Pollution

Thomas Gray and Jasimuddin: The Voice of Extreme Agony in Both Unique Universal Souls (Published)

This paper attempts to evaluate the agony of Thomas Gray, an English poet, and Jasimuddin, a Bangladeshi rural poet. Thomas Gray is a transitional poet. He is generally considered the second most important poet of the eighteenth century. A deep pain of losing their loved ones through death is depicted in their writings. Gray is widely famous for-“Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” that is one of Gray’s most famous poems. He depicts the lives of the obscure rustics buried in the churchyard. Jasimuddin is also famous for his poem ‘Kobor’. The grandfather has lost his wife, son, son’s wife, daughter and grand-daughter. The aim of this paper is to discover the similarities between the two unique universal souls regarding the sufferings of losing their nearest and the dearest ones through their famous poems ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard’ and ‘Kobor’/Graves respectively that gives the readers a reminder of mortality.

Keywords: Death, Suffering, elegy, graves, kobor, lamentation

An investigative study into the causes and effects of ethno-religious conflicts on women and children in Wukari and Ibi Local Government Areas of Taraba State, Nigeria, 1991 – 2020. (Published)

Conflict is a major problem in any given society and it is often inevitable. Since the re-introduction of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, Nigeria has become a permanent flashpoint of violent conflicts. These conflicts are political, ethnic, or religious in nature, and the consequences are devastating. Taraba State has not been an exception since its creation in 1991, witnessing incessant communal clashes across ethnic and religious lines. These ethno-religious conflicts have attendant debilitating consequences on life and property. The most disturbing aspect is their effects on women and children who are naturally the weaker proportion of any human population. The main thrust of this paper is therefore to isolate the effects of such conflicts on women and children for intense assessment. Thus, in order to do this, the article explores the ethno-religious conflicts in Southern Taraba State of Nigeria, particularly in Wukari and Ibi Local Government Areas. Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the article reveals that ethno-religious conflicts in the area of study have severe effects on women and children, causing not only deaths of husbands, children, siblings and loved ones, but destruction of their homes, amenities, social contracts, trusts and so on. The conflicts have also caused severe sufferings on the high number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), who are mostly women and children. However, the article suggests the need for restoration and sustenance of peace, not only in Wukari and Ibi LGAs, but Southern  Taraba, the State and Nigeria at large, through some immediate and long term solutions.

Keywords: Conflict, Death, Ethnic, Harmony, Hatred, Idps, Peace, Religion., Sustainable, Women, children, injury, refugees

NIKHIL-ANKITA Theorem: Number cannot be certain it is always uncertain. (Published)

By viewing the contents you agree to the Terms and Conditions. All punishments subject to jurisdiction at Ranchi-834001. All protocols are valid. Statement – A number should always be represented as: A+-Ni , where A is magnitude of real part, N is magnitude of imaginary part, i is the imaginary iota symbol. The angle Tan^-1(N/A) is calculated with sign to obtain phase. There is always a tendency towards the number 0 +- 0i i.e. neither leading nor lagging phase. It is not possible to convert all Imaginary part of a number into real number. A conversion always occurs between A to N vice versa i.e. N to A.

Keywords: Death, Education System, Religion., birth, complex signal processing, electrical electronics computer communication, porn

The Deaf and Mute as Subalterns in Korean Contexts: Analysis of Korean Film of Silenced (Do-Ga-Ni) (Published)

This research is an investigation of a Korean film (Do-Ga-Ni or Silenced in 2011), which reflects the contemporary situation in South Korea where the sexual crimes against disabled children in educational institutions have occurred. In this research, the deaf students are positioned as subalterns who are recognized as the underrepresented that do not have the ability to speak for themselves. Through the methodology of illuminating individual cases of deaf students featured in this movie, this investigation approaches this interpretation: the testimony of the deaf children through their sign language in the courtroom, although this act of speaking for themselves suggests a possibility to change their identity from subalterns to non-subalterns, turns out to be ineffective due to the social elites’ rejection to admit their statement. This does result in a death of a subaltern, which makes the consciousness of the dead student disappear permanently from the understandings of the Korean public.

Keywords: Deaf, Death, Representation., Sign Language, Silenced (Do-Ga-Ni), Subaltern


This study investigated the cause of early demise of spouses in Ogun State, Nigeria. Two thousand respondents were selected using a purposive sampling technique. The instrument for data collection was on Cause Of Death Inventory .Demographic characteristics of the respondents were carried out on Age and that of the deceased at the time of death, sex ,occupation and the Cause Of Early Death Of respondents spouses was analyzed using Percentages to describe the data. The study found that the main cause of early death of spouses in Ogun State was sudden death/cardiac arrest 42.8%(858)followed by accident 644(32.2%)terminal illness 296 (14.8%), witchcraft84 (4.2%),genotype(SS)48(2.4%),suicide28(1.4%), carelessness32(1.6%) and hereditary12 (06%). The study thus recommended that people should be going for regular medical checkup even when they are not sick, consult their physician when they notice any strange things or feelings in their body, people should avoid anger, worry and take life generally easy, people should avoid violations of safety rules and avoid alcohol consumption when driving, people should not over work, rest when fatigue, people should be very close to their creator by praying fervently, people should know their genotype before getting married to avoid giving birth to(SS)children ,people should take seriously every suicidal threat or act, people should not be careless about their health and to engage in regular exercises.

Keywords: Cause of Early Death, Death, Spouse