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A Review on Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks on Internet of Things (Published)

The term IoT (Internet of Things) refers to physical things or objects having different types of sensors, ability to process, software and other technologies that helps to connect and exchange data with other systems over the internet. Whether it comes to simple coffee machine or big things like car or health care, agriculture, smart cities etc., IoT has developed a person’s living with his minimal involvement. Since, these IoT devices and other components used with it are having less memory, less computational capability makes them vulnerable to many types of attacks. The most common type of attack that takes place on it is DoS/DDoS, where an authorized user is restricted from accessing some service on internet. This paper focuses on security requirements at different IoT layers, issues related to DDoS attack and provides review on its countermeasures.

Keywords: DDoS, DoS, Security, internet of things

A Lightweight Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) Defence in Cloud Network Using Fog Computing (Published)

Fog computing has recently offered benefit able services to Cloud users such as low latency, mobility support, real-time data process, low bandwidth, improved Quality of Service (QoS), and better security. The auto-scaling and measured service characteristics of both Cloud and Fog networks make them vulnerable to cyber-crimes. Consequently, A Economic Denial of Service (EDoS) takes advantage of Cloud users’ vulnerabilities (i.e., software, protocol, IP addresses) to install malware on their device unknowingly. It makes victims captive through a Botnet controller to continuously send unsolicited packets to the data center, which exhausts the Cloud users service subscription (i.e., networking, compute, storage, memory), making the environment financially unsustainable or leading to bankruptcy. “This paper presents EDoS attack challenges and defense approach using Fog network.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, DDoS, EDoS, Fog Network computing, Fog computing

A Consideration of the Possibility of DoS and DDoS Attacks That Could Guarantee Downtime and Unavailability of Services to Customers for Businesses and Government Institutions in Ghana. (Published)

This paper discusses the possible security attacks that most services provided by businesses and government organizations are vulnerable to. Specifically exhausting discussion on Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service attacks and the measures to address this issue.

Keywords: Business, Customer, DDoS, DoS, Ghana, Government, services