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On the English Translation of Tao Yuanming’s Works by A. R. Davis (Published)

The works of Tao Yuanming and their significance by the famous western Sinologist Davis, namely the collection of Tao Yuanming’s works’ English version, is considered to be the most academic and representative masterpiece in the western studies on the translation of Tao Yuanming. Its works have complete data, detailed annotations and are faithful and vivid. Davies, the translator, wrote precisely and accurately in the translation, reproducing the simple and natural style of Tao Yuanming’s original poems. The additional notes included all kinds of classics and historical books, and the additional comments also offered reasonable criticism and showed his unique understanding and opinion on some details and viewpoints that need to be verified. Translation by Sinologist Davis, can not only help Chinese scholars understand the master of China, including but not limited to Tao Yuanming’ spread and accept in the English-speaking world, but also to attract more foreign Sinologist and mass audience English world to pay attention to Tao’ studies, to focus on Chinese literature, so Chinese culture can go out and carry forward.

Keywords: Davis, English translation, Tao Yuanming