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Data Warehouse as a Paradigm of Efficiency in a Company (Published)

This paper presents the paradigm of the data warehouse and its use in order to show growth, evolution and optimization of the different data that lead to complex systems, taking into account that in transnational companies they collect large amounts of data from various systems, therefore the traditional data warehouse cannot continue with the usual process as the data now have a demand for rapidly increasing volumes.This article is focused on making companies and people know a tool to add data sources from a central location so that they can support businesses and create reports since through the data warehouse will provide the capacity to processing large quantities of data, until you can store petabytes of information.The implementation of data warehouse in most cases is the first step to a complete and reliable solution of business intelligence to obtain better results in the problems of the organization, it should be stressed that it facilitates the process for management and is a great solution for companies that consider deleting data that interferes with the analysis of information and its delivery, as it analyses all types of data that are useful to its users, structures for easy access and operation

Keywords: Business Intelligence, data warehouse, petabytes