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Addressing the Challenges of Data Protection in Developing Countries (Published)

Data protection is a vital tool to the development of any country. Certain challenges pose a threat to data protection in developing countries although the same challenges are evident in developed countries. For instance, technological advancement in information technology has challenged the existing mechanisms of data protection. Other threats to data protection as identified in this paper include inappropriate legislation, inadequate internet regulations, unethical computer users in the office, computer system mal-function, hardware failure, power blackouts and power failures. Certain remedies are necessary to counteract the challenges. Some of the remedies presented include internet regulation for users and internet service providers, computer ethics education and training among users, cross-border harmonization of laws on data protection and enforcement procedures, response to and preparing for power blackouts/power failures, response to system and hardware failures and introduction of national youth development forums and self employment initiatives. A conclusion is drawn from the challenges and the remedies discussed with great emphasis being laid upon curbing data crimes in the office work atmosphere, business atmosphere and stressing the need for strengthening the current legislation and enforcement procedures on data protection.

Keywords: Computer Ethics, Data Crimes, Legislation, Remedies, Threats