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Duality Of Dark Matter – What’s Next For Dark Matter Theory? (Published)

This paper is an overview of dark matter duality theory of space-time in 4-d, with some constructive criticism regarding hypothetical candidate selection and where dark matter experimental physics could benefit from better understandings and timely review of cosmological finding. This paper is part of a collection called the Grand Unification of Dark Matters: The Dark Universe Revealed.

Keywords: Cosmology, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Duality, Duality Theory

Dark Energy From Dark Matter: Newton Vs Einstein, Who’s Really Right? (Published)

This article explores solutions to the hierarchy problem and the cosmological constant problem with gravity and the fundamental forces, including properties and interactions of dark matter, dark energy, parallel dimensions, and cold thermodynamics, while developing advanced models for gravity to help declare a winner between Newton and Einstein. Aside from the difference in geometry and mathematical formulas, and aside from a Newtonian separation of space and time, with no gravitational waves, no gravitons, no speed of light limits for gravity, and no relativity metrics based on matter, Newtonian gravity is simply based on observation of an apple, leaving the question of how it works to the reader, while Einsteinian gravity has an elegant warping of space-time based on a natural consequence of mass’s influence on space, but who’s really right here?

Keywords: Anti-Gravity, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Gravity, Hydrogen, Proton