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Kiai’s Transformational Leadership in Establishing Organizational Culture at Gender Pesantren (Published)

The key success of educational institutions, including pesantren, lies in its leadership aspect. That is through a transformational leadership style which is able to bring changes to the institution. One of the impacts of the change is to shape effective pesantren supported by a strong organizational culture. Therefore, the transformational leadership style applied by KH. Muhyiddin Abdusshomad in pesantren Nurul Islam Antirogo is very effective in establishing pesantren culture and shaping the behavior of all pesantren civitas. This study aims to identify and analyze the transformational leadership style of Kiai (the pesantren leader) when building a pesantren culture. To identify the leadership style of the Kiai, the researcher uses Bass & Riggio’s view of four transformational leadership factors: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual motivation, and individual consideration. The study found that KH. Muhyiddin Abdusshomad built a pesantren culture by implementing Islamic doctrines. The effectiveness of self-leadership of Kiai in pesantren is also not separated from the normative doctrine of Islam, so that the Kiai’s transformational leadership style is based on Islamic values.

Keywords: Kiai, Transformational Leadership, dan Organizational Culture