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The focus of the paper is on cyber pornography as a related content of cybercrime and the analysis of legal framework. Cyber pornography is a new set of crimes in cybercrime beneath cyberspace which fundamentally and centrally falls under the application of information and communication technologies. The paper discusses the legal framework of cyber pornography with a view to identify the relevant laws with particular reference to the legal position. The discussion is limited to cyber pornography which covers the use of depict images in the internet. The methodology of the paper adopted is doctrinal approach method wherein relevant data collected were analysed and the finding brought out. The finding of the paper reveals that countries should adapt sex education policy for both the children and the parents on the existence of using internet in circulation of unpleasant images and further recommends that children should not hesitate to report any incidence of gross indecency against any person to their parents and law enforcement agencies.

Keywords: Cyber pornography, Internet, Legal Framework, Nigeria