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Investigation of the Characteristic Behaviors of Cast Iron, Aluminum and Brass under the Effects of Cutting Speeds and Feed Rates in Cylindrical Machining Operation (Published)

In order to establish, the pattern of surface characteristics against some input machining variables: this study was carried out on the effects of cutting speed and feed rate during turning process on the surface characteristic of three different metals – Cast iron, aluminum and Brass. The cutting force decreased from 6700N to 5900N when the cutting speed increased from 3.20-m/s to 7.50m/s. Correspondingly the surface friction co-efficient decreased from 0.358 to 0.236. The cutting force increased with increase in feed rate with corresponding increase in co-efficient of friction. The increase in cutting force with increased feed rate simply implies that the machine ability decreases with feed rate in the order aluminum, brass and cast Iron. The corresponding increase in co-efficient of friction with increasing feed rate implies that surface roughness increased with feed rate. Co-efficient of friction and cutting force both decreased when cutting speed is increased leading to decrease in surface roughness. It is concluded that a high cutting speed combined with lower feed rate will produce a smooth surface finish. Also physical property of material such as hardness affects the response of material to machining operation.

Keywords: Cutting Speed, Cylindrical Machining, Feed Rate, Surface Characteristic and Cutting Force