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Customer Satisfaction for Company Growth: The Roles, Responsibilities and Skills Required of the Sales Force in Ghana (Published)

As the competitive environment becomes increasingly fierce, the most important for industry players is nurture and keep loyal customers who will contribute to their long-term growth and profitability. The sales force is involved in the critical business of accomplishing sales objectives and customer satisfaction, which provides the basis for organisational existence and profitability. Given the importance of the salesforce as an organization’s primary revenue generator and the principal point of contact with customers, understanding how managers and salespersons in Ghana appreciate their role in the business/customer interface is likely to produce beneficial outcomes.  This study explores the roles and responsibilities of the salesforce in delivering customer value and satisfaction. The sample is drawn from Ghana Breweries Limited, a major player in the beer industry in Ghana. Using questionnaires to measure the perceptions of sales managers and salespersons, we find that overall, managers and salespersons perceive their roles, qualities and responsibilities to be relevant for customer satisfaction. Implications of the findings for sales management are drawn.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Customer value, Qualities, Salespersons Roles


The ‘quest’ for creating and maintaining relevance in the competitive world is acting as a driving force of innovation and transformation. Recent research reveals that technology-as-business-driver is going to play a mission critical role in driving organizational transformation. Digital Transformation thus gets the priority in the strategic agenda of the organization towards creating a new paradigm in value delivery mechanism. Digitizing is no longer an option for but a must choice for futurising the organization to create competitiveness, sustainability and the growth. The strategic imperative of any futuristic organization is to achieve enduring customer relevance and sustainable customer value at scale through a customer-centric digital transformation. Whether companies perceive digitalization as a threat, a challenge or an opportunity, those that ignore it do so at their own peril. Author has used case analysis as a research method to analyze and zero in to the key objectives. Therefore author’s thought process is focused on presenting a research perspective along with practical ideas and steps towards information technology optimization and digital transformation to accelerate growth overcoming issues, challenges and critical problems with undiluted focus on FUTURIZATION. This article will ignite academic interest and debate in the area with a new outlook on strategic imperatives of organization for technology adoption and application and will foster further research on technology optimization, digitalization for organizational renewal, relevance and repositioning in the value equation of the industry growth curve.

Keywords: Customer value, Digital Transformation, Futurization ., Relevance, optimization