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Determinants of Customer Patronage for Local Food Restaurants in a Typical Sub-Saharan African Context (Published)

This study centers on the determinants of customer patronage for local food restaurant in Awka metropolis. There exists dearth of empirical studies on the patronage behavior of customers of local food restaurants in Awka metropolis. The study employed survey design and the population of study is the customers of local food restaurants in the area. The sampling technique used was quota sampling and the sample size is 246 respondents. The research instrument was questionnaire while data collected were subjected to reliability test using factor analysis. The result of the multiple regression analysis shows that food quality is the best predictor of customer patronage of local food restaurants follow by food varieties, convenient location, cultural influence, physical environment and service quality while price is not a significant determinant. We therefore recommend that local food restaurant operators should improve on the quality of meals served; provision of varieties of meals with different spices and meals should express the culture of the customer among others.

Keywords: Customer patronage, Food Marketing, Nigeria, local food restaurants, sub-Saharan Africa

Service Convenience and Customer Patronage of Government Owned Hospitals in Abia State, Nigeria (Published)

Healthcare service consumers (patients) make the choice of where to receive healthcare. They are very particular about the quality of services they receive. Service convenience is seen to be a great factor which entice and preserve customers. The study therefore, investigated the influence of service convenience on customer patronage of government owned hospitals (GOHs) in Abia State. The adaptation – level theory and the descriptive survey research design were adopted for the study. Three hundred copies of structured questionnaire were conveniently administered to adult patients who accessed the services of the general as well as specialist outpatients departments of the selected GOHs in Abia State. Frequency tables, simple percentages, and Kendal taub correlation were used to analyze data collected. The result revealed a positive significant relationship between service convenience and customer patronage of GOH in Abia State. Based on the result, we conclude that patients are satisfied with the services provided by the GOHs in Abia State. We therefore recommend, when hiring health personnel, managers should screen for knowledge competence and professional attitude. 

Keywords: Customer patronage, Service convenience, ease of access, ease of transaction

Customer Self Service Technology and Customer Patronage of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State (Published)

This study investigates the relationship between Customer Self Service Technology and Customer Patronage of Deposit Money Banks in Rivers State. The objectives of the study were to investigate the influence of Customer Self Service Technology on Customer Patronage. The study adopted the survey research design. The choice of this survey approach is because it will scientifically look at the situation on ground and will empirically analyze it to get result that can be attributable to the accessible population. Based on the research questions, a research questionnaire was designed and four hundred and seventy five (475) copies were distributed to the sample population which was determined by convenient sampling techniques. After data cleaning, a total of three hundred & twenty one (321) copies of the distributed questionnaire were retrieved. These copies were analyzed and the hypotheses were tested using the Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient with the aid of SPSS Version 21.0. The result revealed that there is a significant relationship between Automated Teller Machine and repeat purchase, Automated Teller Machine and referral, Internet banking and repeat purchase, Internet banking and referral. The result also revealed that customer technology adoption positively influences the relationship between customer self-service technology and customer patronage in deposit money banks in Rivers State. The study concluded that consumer orientation should be applied whenever banks are adopting new techniques that will service the need of their customers for better satisfaction. The study recommends that Banks should invest more on technologies that will ensure efficiency in serving customer and overall satisfactions of the customers. Customer satisfaction should be kept in mind as banks upgrade existing systems or while buying new systems altogether

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Customer patronage, Internet Banking, customer self-service technology

Effectiveness of Product Packaging on Customer Patronage of Bournvita in Ekiti State (Published)

The study examined the effectiveness of product packaging on customer patronage. Survey method was adopted. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and purposive sampling was used to determine respondents. Sample size of 322 was used. Collected data were analysed using descriptive statistics and hierarchical multiple regression. Constructs tested as explanatory variables were product size, colour, quality of packaging material, quality of product content and shape. The results showed that all the tested variables have significant positive effects on customer patronage of Bournvita. In order of significant, the R2 change, in order of hierarch, for the variables was: product size =.215, quality of packaging material =.058, colour = .049, shape =.044, and quality of product content = .028. It was concluded that customer decision to patronise could be influenced by taken into consideration size, colour, package material, product content and shape of a product. Based on these findings, it is recommended, among others, that producing different sizes of the product should be a continuous practice that firm should undertake. As well, producers should consciously adopt colours suitable and capable of appealing to customer interest and consequently influence their choice of a product by mere sighting of the package colour.

Keywords: Colour, Customer patronage, Packaging, Size, packaging material, quality of product content and shape