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Globalizing Business Education Curriculum Experiences in Nigeria Higher Education for Enhanced Students’ Employability (Published)

The growing challenges of globalisation, internationalization and labour market are pushing universities to rethink their curriculum learning experiences in developing economies. Hence the study seeks ways to strengthen the business education curriculum learning experiences in order to improve creativity and innovative capacities of students in knowledge – based economy. The survey study used 120 business educators involve in curriculum planning and design from four selected universities in the Niger Delta States. Internal consistency of the measured scale was determined by using split-half method correlated with coefficient alpha to obtain 0.75. Quantitative data analysed using descriptive statistics revealed the need to expose the students to multi-cultural environments, critical and analytical perspectives of global economic opportunities, and entrepreneurial skills that can help them function actively in domestic and international business environments. In conclusion, the paper charged stakeholders to incorporate into the business education programs global practices to enrich students’ employability status.

Keywords: Curriculum Experiences, Employability, Globalisation, Internationalization