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Application of Learner-Centered Methods in Developing Reading Skills Among Standard I and II Pupils in Hanang District, Tanzania (Published)

This study investigated the application of learner-centered methods in developing reading skills among standard one and two pupils in the Hanang District, Tanzania. The study was guided by social cultural theory developed by levy- Vygotsky of 1896 to 1934. The study adopted a convergent design under the mixed method research approach. The target population of the study consisted of all public primary schools in the Hanang district, whereby Purposive and Simple random sampling techniques were used to sample 57 respondents, including the 18 head teachers, and 38 teachers. Interviews guide was conducted for the District Education Officer and the head teachers, while questionnaires was administered for teachers and an observation guide was used to observe classroom teaching among standard one and two pupils primary schools in Hanang district., The content validity of the instruments was determined by giving the instruments to the research experts from Mwenge Catholic University, while the reliability coefficient was calculated using Cronbach’s Alpha. Quantitative data were analyzed using means, frequencies, and percentages and presented in table form with the aid of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The qualitative data were summarized, coded, analyzed, and presented in narration form according to the themes generated from the research questions. Finding indicates that LCM was  applied in developing reading skills and most of the teachers, heads of schools and district education officers agreed that teachers apply LCM in teaching and learning process though some methods are not applied due to different challenges like lack of enough skills about certain method example the use of simple word cards  most teachers can not differentiate between simple word cards and wall words, also some teachers did not apply LCM because of lack of resources and facilities especially the use of audio clip in teaching and  learning because many schools in Hanang district lack electicity.The study concluded that LCM is applied  in developing  reading  skills though  there are still some challenges need to be considered so that LCM can be effectively applied by the teachers in developing reading skills. Study recommends that number of classroom should be added so that the number of pupils can balance so that LCM can be effectively applied, also the study recommend that in-service training should be conducted so teachers can update their skills in application of LCM.

Citation: Gloria Msafiri Nyaki, Bahya Abdi and  Emmanuel Kileo (2022) Application of Learner-Centered Methods in Developing Reading Skills Among Standard I and II Pupils in Hanang District, Tanzania, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 12, pp.17-31


Keywords: Reading skills, curriculum and instruction, learner centre method