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Development of Authentic Assessment Instrument Based On Curriculum 2013 on Material of Poetry by Students Class X Sma Negeri 2 North Rantau Academic Year 2017/2018 (Published)

This study aims to produce an authentic assessment instrument product in the form of an authentic assessment manual on poetry material and know the process of development and feasibility of the product. This research method is research and development research and development (R & D) proposed by Sugiyono refers to Borg & Gall model with little adjustment according to simplified research context up to product trial. The data were collected through validation of material experts, design experts, evaluation experts, teacher in SMA Negeri 2 North Rantau, and students class X SMA in total of 35 students as research subjects. Data collection is a questionnaire assessment. The analysis was done by converting quantitative data into qualitative data using Likert scale. The results of this research and development are teaching materials in the form of authentic assessment manuals in the form of print media, which have been declared appropriate for use by materials experts, design experts, evaluation experts and Indonesian teachers as learning resources. Feasibility of teaching learning materials in accordance with the results of the validation. Assessment of products in the form of authentic assessment manual by material experts showed that the presentation of material suitability with core competence and basic competence is 88% categorized as very good, the language and the writing of the instrument as much as 97% with very good category, the learning activities of learners have a percentage of 94 % with very good category, and supporting material has a presentation of 88% with very good category. The overall average is 92% categorized as very good. The assessment of authentic assessment guidebooks by design experts with an overall average of 91% categorized as very good. The assessment of authentic assessment guidebooks by evaluation experts with an overall average of 96% categorized as excellent. The authentic assessment guidebook reviews by Indonesian teachers have an average percentage average of 89% with the criteria of “Very Good”. It can be concluded that the authentic assessment manuals development is effective and worthy of use as a learning resource.

Keywords: Authentic Assessment Instrument, Curriculum 2013, Poetry