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Heat Load Analysis for Optimal Use of Cupula Furnace in Iron Castings and Steel Manufacturing (Published)

This study is gear towards generating optimization models culminating in the improved thermal performance of the cupola furnace. The cupola furnace handles almost 90% of pig iron produced from the blast furnace. Raw materials ordering than pig iron for cupola operations are metal scraps, wrought iron, steel, cast iron, and bronzes.   Essentially the copula is a cylindrical steel shell lined with refractory materials. It is a high point of emphasis that over the years a lot of innovative techniques had been introduced geared towards optimal throughput delivery of cupola furnace systems — cupola furnaces designed with performance efficiencies in the range of 30% to 50%. In this paper attainment of improved optimal heat load, thermal performance would revolve around the critical thickness of insulation, the nature of refractory material, shell thickness, the calorific value of coke and the quantity and temperature of the hot air blast. This consideration is to ensure maximum heat conservation and recovery for optimal throughput delivery.

Keywords: Critical thickness, Cupola operation, Heat Optimization, Performance efficiencies, and heat load analysis, optimal throughput delivery