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Ahdāf Soueif Makes a Map for Love: A Reality or a Fantasy Through the Meeting of Civilizations and Times? A Dialectic Vision in the Novel The Map of Love by the Egyptian Novelist Ahdāf Soueif (Published)

It is impossible to talk about literature except through its genres. Besides, it is impossible to deal with any genre without starting with one of its types. When the writer decides to create a literary work, he produces it in the frame of a story, a novel or a poem within a general perception of literature, where all literary genres meet. The Arab novel has developed since the middle of the last century and it has achieved a presence that imposes itself on other genres and types, especially poetry, which kept occupying the central position in creativity. The historical novel, for example, was established in the Arab world by Jurjī Zaydān (1861-1914) at the beginning of the twentieth century, modelled on the Western historical novel and a lot of Arab novelists wrote in its form, stressing in one way or another that they were writing a historical novel. The historical novel is a type of novel in which history blends with imagination, and it intends to describe a certain period or a certain major event in a suitable narrative style that is based on history data, but without being tied or committed to it but often without adherence or commitment to them in most cases.   When Ahdāf Sueif wrote The Map of Love, she introduced it in a dazzling way because it is based on the reader’s manner of reading history and the concept of history through an amazing love story that is full of beauty that makes the reader unite with the text.

Citation: Hanan Bishara (2022) Ahdāf Soueif Makes a Map for Love: A Reality or a Fantasy Through the Meeting of Civilizations and Times?  A Dialectic Vision in the Novel The Map of Love by the Egyptian Novelist Ahdāf Soueif, European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies, Vol.10, No.4, pp.13-36


Keywords: Cultural, Violence, colonized, colonizer, external separation, internal assimilation, natural acculturation.

Cultural and Environmental factors influence on tourists’ choice of destination in Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

The study, cultural and environmental factors influence on tourists’ choice of destination in Delta State, Nigeria, was conducted in Gordon Hotel Resort, Abraka and the source of River Ethiope, Umuaja in Delta State. The study investigated factors that influenced tourist to visit the above destinations. Factors investigated were, cultural and environmental factors. The research design was a survey method using simple random sampling for data collection (n=180). Data collected were analyzed into percentage, frequencies means and Z-test was applied for the test of hypotheses. Uppermost findings revealed were that respondents’ males (78%), educated elites (59%) and adults (45 years) were more involved it tourism. Tourists were more attracted to the fauna ecosystem (mean = 2.91) of the environment than other endowments in THE study area. The most prominent cultural attraction was the cultural museum/monuments (mean = 2.96). The study implied that tourism destination with natural environment encourages agricultural investment. The study concluded that environmental and cultural endowments contributed to tourists’ choice of destination in Nigeria. It was recommended that more women and youth involvement in tourism so to increase income generation.

Keywords: Choice, Cultural, Environment, Tourist, destination

Representation Of The Colonizers’ Dominance Over Colonized Culture In Twilight In Delhi By Ali: A Postcolonial Analysis (Published)

This research paper aims to describe the postcolonial aspects in “Twilight in Delhi” (1984) and colonizers’ cultural and traditional dominance over the colonized (Indian Muslims). It is important to mention that Ali has personally been through that painful agony of the mentioned colonial age. So as the writers are mirrors of their social era Ali also has drawn a clear sketch of British rule in India especially from Muslim perspective. He appears to have a clear goal to bring to lime light Muslim lingual, cultural and social deprivation caused by the British assault earlier and rule later on. Ali’s novel “Twilight in Delhi” (1984) is the clear representation of the decline of Muslim culture in India which is like twilight near to be diminished. He highlights the decline of Muslim cultural values and their traditional sunset also.

Keywords: Ali, Colonizers, Cultural, Hybridity, Socio-Political., colonized, oppression., postcolonial

Issues of Cultural, Political and Racial Identity of Women in Rich’s Poetry: A Socio-Feministic Analysis (Published)

This paper aims to analyze the socio-feministic picture of a poet who has distinguished place in American literature for her contribution in the field of feminism. The feminist struggle against patriarchal set up has been found in Rich’s poetry with reference to the selected poems. In these poems women are not constantly under men’s power and supremacy; they want to struggle for their rights and make an improved life even when there is no man. Women revolt and escape as they are being oppressed and burdened by male oriented society. She is different from other American poets like Plath whose poetry revolves round her. This paper will helpful in understanding the background of her poems.

Keywords: Cultural, Feminism, Issues, Political, Racial, Rich, Social

A Study on factors influencing consumer buying behavior in cosmetic Products (Review Completed - Accepted)

The purpose of this study is to investigate internal and external influences on consumers purchasing decisions on cosmetic products in Tamilnadu and Kerala. The questionnaires were given to 500 consumers who are all using cosmetics. Out of 500 consumers contacted, 412 questionnaires were received with required coverage and details. The instruments of this study involved two parts: the first section of the instrument consisted of forced-choice questions about demographic characteristics: gender, marital status, age, occupation, monthly income level. The second section variables chosen for this study in order to measure the influence of consumer buying behaviour in cosmetics products. The Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) for Microsoft Windows 20.00 was used to complete the analysis of the collected data. Descriptive statistics, including means, standard deviations were implemented in order to investigate the demographic data, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to determine whether any significant relationships exist among respondents. In addition, the .05 level of statistical significance was set at all statistical tests in the present study. The findings of the study were generalized as follows: Statistically significant differences were found in Income level by the different brand dimensions like social, culture and there is no statistically significant difference in dimension of Personal and psychological. In the end of the study implications and conclusion were provided.

Keywords: Buying, Cultural, Personal, Psychological, Social