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Rethinking Cultural Embeddedness: A Theoretical Framework on Sociolinguistic Relativity (Published)

Do human beings exhibit the same attributes with no slight difference? Is this really the case when it comes to human nature, shared culture, norms, and values? When we say “same”, it is about the way we communicate, our etiquette, our lifestyle, and our emotions as well. From different sociological, anthropological, cultural, and therefore linguistic perspectives, we are the opposite of the same! For this purpose, it becomes a major essentiality to inspect or investigate the theoretical anatomy of Sociolinguistics. This paper offers to throw light on the basic theoretical framework on sociolinguistic relativity, mainly focusing on Language Socialization to rethink cultural embeddedness through language within the humanities.

Keywords: Cultural linguistics, Sociolinguistics, humanities, interdisciplinary studies, linguistic anthropology;, linguistic relativity, multidisciplinary studies

Cultural Linguistics and Translation (Published)

Cultural Linguistics is an interdisciplinary sub-branch of linguistics that explores the relationship between language and cultural conceptualizations (Sharifian, 2015). Based on the principle of the Cultural Linguistics theory and Frame Semantics theory this research offers a descriptive comparative content analysis of translation of humor in literary humorous books. More precisely based on Lopez’s analytical framework (2002), which centers in the frames and cultural conceptualizations activated in the humorous texts, the present research explores and explicates the various translation problems which may arise in translating humorous elements in two of Woody Allen’s books: “Side Effects” and “Getting Even”. The present research also discusses various critical translation challenges under six comprehensive categories: Visual Frames, Situational Frames, Text-Type Frames, Social Frames, Institutional Frames and Generic Frames.

Keywords: Cultural linguistics, Frames, Humorous texts, translation