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Integrating L1 Culture Contexts (ICH) into L2 Learning: Relevance and Effectiveness (Published)

Intangible cultural heritage (ICH), as defined by UNESCO, is the practices, expressions, representations, knowledge and skills of communities and individuals as vehicles of their cultural heritage, which is transmitted from generation to generation through ‘cultural vehicles’ or language of a society or community. This study aims at integrating intangible cultural heritage of Malaysia (L1) into English language learning (L2), particularly in ESL assessments, to a) preserve intangible cultural heritage in the form of language learning contexts, b) provide source culture contexts to learn English language in general and improve grammar proficiency in particular, and c) investigate the relevance and effectiveness of culture contexts on language learning. The study uses online technology to develop various ESL assessments to engage learners in accumulating knowledge on cultural diversity and English language learning.

Keywords: Cultural Diversity, Language Learning, culture contexts, intangible cultural heritage, online technology

Canadian Multicultural Literature and Managing Cultural Diversity (Published)

The paper is an outcome of my interdisciplinary approach to Canadian multicultural literature and its inner voice of managing cultural diversity. It showcases how cultural diversity is fictionalized in the creative writing of Canadian multicultural writers. It demonstrates how Canadian multicultural literature envisions a deep cultural diversity in the Canadian society. It reveals how Canadian multicultural literature is a canonization of cultural diversity. It opens the horizons of intercultural understanding leading to a worldview of cosmopolitanism. It looks at the world through a multicultural prism. It shows how multicultural literature can be a great educator reflecting global thinking. It explores how Canadian multicultural writers promote bonding, bridging and linking – the very ideals of cultural diversity.

Keywords: Cultural Diversity, Multicultural literature, multicultural consciousness, multicultural education, social cohesion, transculturalism

The Role of Religious and Cultural Diversity on SMEs in Cross River State, Nigeria: Implications from SMEs Management Perspective (Published)

This paper studied the role of religious and cultural diversity on SMEs in Cross River State, Nigeria:  Implications from SMEs management perspective. The primary aim of this research study was to find out the impacts that these diversity elements have on the growth and expansion of SMEs within the scope of the country as distinct from the existing general global studies. The research involved an initial pilot study with fifteen SME employees to validate the survey questionnaire which would be filled by their colleagues during the study. A further sixty seven respondents comprising SME employees from the four major geographical regions of Nigeria participated in completing the survey and their results were collated to determine the impacts of religiously and culturally based diversity measures on the growth and performance of the Nigerian SMEs. The diversity measures analyzed were selected on the basis of extensive review of past literature of the workplace diversity. The findings of this research showed some agreement with the results of past literature reviews in terms of affirming the presence of conflicts in the workplace due to diversity. The changes in human resource management practice recommended by this research will be very useful to both SME managers and business owners in harnessing the potentials of the multi-cultural and multi religious configuration of the country while reducing the disadvantages of such diversities. 


Keywords: Cultural Diversity, Implications, Management Perspective, Nigerian, Religious, SMEs