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Safavid Dynasty Relations with Shiite Governments in India (Published)

The emergence of the Shiite powerful government of Safavid in the early 16th century, when the Ottoman Empire strengthened Sunni regimes, spurred Shiites in various regions and formed insurrections and movements, some of which led to the formation of small and big Shiite governments. India as one of the countries that accepted many Iranians after the emigration of Iran and escaped the various pressures of political currents and the aftermath of the Mongol attack and subsequent rule of the islean governments and infiltrated Iranian culture, and Shia in all aspects of culture and social. Since the beginning of the reign of the Safavid dynasty in Iran and the declaration of Shia religion as the official religion in Iran, the influence of the Shiite Iranians entered into politics, and Shiite regimes such as the Adil Shahi, Qutb Shahi, and Sultanate (Nezam Shahi) were formed in Iran. The present paper examines the interactions of the Safavid government with these governments and investigates these relationships in various aspects.

Keywords: cultural aspects; emigration; safavid dynasty; shiasm; social aspects