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Validation and Cultural Adaptation of the Womb Postnatal Satisfaction Questionnaire for Use in Greece (Published)

It is important to measure the satisfaction, needs and opinions of patients in health services to determine the effectiveness of these services and ensure quality care planning by healthcare providers. This is particularly necessary for the provision of health services during the postnatal period as complaints are often expressed by women about their care at this time. The purpose of this study was to check the validity and undertake cultural adaptation of the English WOMB postnatal satisfaction questionnaire (WOMBPNSQ) for use in Greece. The internal reliability of the categories of the Greek version of the questionnaire was found to be acceptable to good, with Cronbach’s alpha from 0.60 to 0.83. The translation, validation and cultural adaptation of the WOMBPNSQ for use with Greek postnatal women makes it a reliable tool for health care providers to measure the degree of satisfaction of new mothers with the postnatal care they receive.

Keywords: Cultural Adaptation, Greek Validation, WOMBPNSQ Questionnaire