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Dylan Thomas’s 18 Poems and Auden’s Critique (Published)

Literary taste has its twists and turns, and it is no wonder that Dylan Thomas’s 18 Poems appeal to the poets of the thirties and the forties in different ways. The response of the Thomas circle is quick and unstinted. The Apocalyptic poets, Henry Treece, Vernon Watkins, G.S. Fraser, and Norman MacCaig become enthusiastic over Thomas’s poem, and they plan to bring out a book of verse based on 18 Poems. The critics have also expressed their warm appreciation. The poets of the thirties, Cecil Day Lewis, Stephen Spender, and Louis MacNeice, are equally effusive. The reaction of W.H. Auden is, on the other hand, quite adverse. In Look Stranger!, he says that 18 Poems recording a sceptical theme, stands “wild” in its structure. Auden’s critique on Thomas as articulated in Another Time, The New Year Letter, For the Time Being, The Age of Anxiety, and in Nones endorses, on the whole till the death of Thomas (1953), the opinions of the preceeding years. The obvious limitations of 18 Poems should not, however, make the readers ignore its real excellences, and the excellences are many and varied. Hence, a figurative study is  undertaken to establish that the most remarkable advance in Thomas’s artistic discipline is marked in the defter handling of dramatic imagination and language. What really distinguishes the surrealistic mind of Thomas is a capacity for self-analysis, a capacity for objectifying, and subjecting to analytical scrutiny, his own experiences and feelings. This power of self-analysis is the highest manifestation of the sceptic poetic tradition of Thomas Hardy and W.B.Yeats.

Keywords: Archetypal, Critique, Irrational, Pathos, Skeptical., Touchstone, cohesion

Atia Review of the Critique on Robert Frost’s Poetry and Personality (Published)

Poetry and personality of Robert Frost, a highly-acclaimed 20th century American poet, are still favored topics for debate among literary critics even half a century after his death. While a group of critics call him a modernist poet, another group denounce him just as a rural poet of New England, while another group sets him at a crossroad and finds assorted elements in his poetry. Frost’s personality too lobbed biographers and critics at varied directions. While one group of critics termed him as a quiet, loner gentleman, the other one portrayed him as jealous, mean-spirited and misogynist career-builder. The third group of critics certified him as a complex man who juggled uncommon fame with an uncommonly difficult private life. Jay Parini, a Frost biographer, said, “You see there are so many Frosts”.  This paper runs a review of criticism on Robert Frost’s poetry and personality for a deeper insight into the tug of war and tries to locate the real Frost among “so many Frosts”.  

Keywords: American Colloquialism, Critique, Modernist Poetry, Personality, Poetry, Sympathetic Humor


In public sector accounting, government ministries and parastatals operate a cash basis of accounting which is believed to be simple in operation and understanding by staff that may not simply have a rigorous training in accounting. A great disadvantage is that it does not recognise assets, debtors and liabilities. This principle negligence is capable of introducing negligence into proper record keeping of how much value of infrastructural assets are being developed in the pass fiscal years, their state of activity and possibly resulting to a repetition of projects, poor monitoring of budget implementation and misappropriation of fund. The authors took a frank analysis of the implications as they relate to the consistent problem of poor budget implementation in Nigeria. This study was based on empirical analysis of one hundred and thirty (130) questionnaires distributed to 130 public servants in the civil service of Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers States of Nigeria. The researchers used version 19 of SPSS to analyse the data using paired sample “t” test with the result that cash basis has a positive effect on budget implementation and fair presentation of the financial position of a government. The researchers recommended that the accrual basis of accounting should be adopted by all government ministries and extra-ministerial departments in Nigeria

Keywords: Accounting, Budget, Cash-basis, Critique, Implementation