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Criminal Protection of the Personal Electronic Data Privacy (Published)

The right to privacy is one of the most important rights associated with the legal personality, and the protection, processing, maintaining and non-disclosure of personal data and information to others is one of the most important and greatest forms of privacy or the sanctity of private life. Maintaining human secrets is the essence and basis of guaranteeing freedom of privacy against violating others, and here the role of the legal rules that govern and regulate issues of this protection appears through the legislations that they enact to ensure that they are not infringed or disclosed, and by establishing the deterrent punishment against the perpetrators of these acts.As a result of relying on modern technology in various aspects of contemporary life and the increasing in the amount of data possessed by the state and private institutions, this matter leads the legislator to carefully consider how the data that contains information about individuals is collected and saved and the possibility of violating their privacy that may result through misuse it. Therefore, the urgent need has arisen to criminalize the illegal collecting of personal data, disclosure it, or unlawful transfer it.

Keywords: Disclosure, Privacy, Punishment, criminalization, personal data