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The Determinant of Bank Credit Risk: Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Islamic Banks in Indonesia (Published)

Credit/financing is bank’s core business following with credit/financing risk. Increasing and decreasing of credit/financing risk affected by external factor such as macroeconomic variables also internal banking factor. The aim of this research is to analyse which macro (GDP, exchange rate, consumer price index, Bank Indonesia Certificates/Sharia & money supply) and micro (loan/financing to deposit ratio, capital adequacy ratio, operational efficiency ratio) variables the most affecting to credit/financing growth and credit/financing risk. This research utilized Vector Error Correction Model (VECM).  The result of this research showed Bank Indonesia Certificates and money supply as macro variables have the most influence, and CAR as internal factor has the biggest contribute to credit growth. For financing growth, macro variables that have biggest influence are exchange rate and Bank Indonesia Certificates Sharia, as for micro variable CAR has the biggest contribution. Credit risk affected by Bank Indonesia Certificates, and for micro variable, LDR has the biggest influence. For financing risk, Bank Indonesia Certificates Sharia has the biggest influence, and OER has the biggest contribution. 

Keywords: Credit Growth, Credit risk, Financing Growth, Financing Risk, VECM