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The Effect of Discovery Learning Methods and the Ability to Think Creatively on the Learning Outcomes of Students in Grade V Sdn Gunung Keling West Aceh District (Published)

This study aimed to find out: (1) the effect of discovery learning methods on student learning outcomes, (2) the effect of creative thinking abilities on student learning outcomes, and (3) how big the effect the discovery learning methods and creative thinking abilities on students’ mathematics learning outcomes in class V of SDN  Gunung Keling. This research used a quantitative approach, with a kind of quasi-experimental research. The population in this study was all grade V students of SDN Gunung Keling and the sampling technique in this study was total sampling, as many as two classes. The experimental class was treated with the discovery learning method and the control class was treated with the expository learning method. The instrument used consisted of mathematics learning achievement tests. Data analysis was performed using two-way ANAVA. The findings of this study found that the mean learning outcomes with the discovery learning method were 82.00 while the mean learning outcomes with the expository learning method was 70.85. So it can be concluded that the students’ mathematics learning outcomes taught with discovery learning methods were higher than students who are taught with Expository learning methods, mathematics learning outcomes of students who had high creative thinking abilities were higher than students who had low creative thinking abilities.

Keywords: Creative Thinking Ability, Discovery, and Mathematics Learning Outcomes