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Creative Performing Arts as Major Means of Promoting Multiculturalism: Nigeria Experience (Published)

Creative Performing Arts is at times restricted to Theatre and Music or segments under them. The reason behind this notion is not unconnected with the process Theatre and Music take. However, by its name; Creative Performing Arts is an art that includes action in which intensions conceived are exhibited in practice as artists. This intension in question could be expressed through visual art or acting-out process that involves creative skill. Visual art stays for as long as the producer desires, while acting-out art lingers in the mind of the beholder after the display of skills has been struck out. The medium of expression in these arts could be peculiar to the choice of the producer (s). It has been observed that creative performing art has been seen as those arts that concern or have relationship with theatre and music because many have not seen visual art process as part of performing art. This means that all the arts have the quality to perform within its ambits which later results to production. Visual, Theatre and music arts are performances that tilt towards promoting multiculturalism. How possible is this? This paper examines the interrelationship of these arts in promoting multicultural heritage of Nigeria people. The paper goes further to interrogate the performing skills in each of these branches of art. It concludes by auditing their performing details with suggestion on how to bridge the existing artificial partition created by practitioners through integrating them with a compound nomenclature

Keywords: : creative performing arts, Multiculturalism, Visual Art, theatre art and music