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Creation and Performance of Marching Band Based on Ethnic Diversity in North Sumatera (Published)

This article aims to discuss how the process of creating a model of performing arts in the marching band formation. The discussion in this article focuses on how to create and present marching band music based on ethnic musical idioms in North Sumatra. The method which is used in this study is the method of creation and perfomance, where the idea of creation that is strongly influenced by cultural messages attached to the characteristics of traditional arts in North Sumatra will be presented in the concept of marching band performance. The process of creating musical compositions based on ethnic diversity in North Sumatra is basically carried out by adopting the idioms of traditional music such as rhythm, tone scale, timbre (melody color) and melody ornamentation of traditional songs from ethnic Karo, Mandailing and Malay music. The creation of musical compositions based on North Sumatra’s ethnic diversity of marching bands carried out several stages, including: 1) inventorying musical idioms of the ethnics tradition in North Sumatra. 2) processing musical idioms of the ethnics tradition in North Sumatra as a source of creation. 3) carrying out the transformation of melodic and rhythmic forms of traditional music on musical instruments used in marching bands. Furthermore, in the creation of ethnic diversity in North Sumatra marching band music also transform the traditional percussion rhythm model into  Battery Percussion Drum Corps model of ethnic Karo, ethnic Mandailing and ethnic Malay. Moreover, the melodic model of Karo, Mandailing, and Malay musical tradition are transformed into brass musical instruments, after being matched in playing the traditional musical idioms into the musical instruments of marching band (percussion and brass), then the music creation of marching band is carried out with ethnic Karo style, ethnic Mandailing, and ethnic Malay. The perfomance of marching band with musical compositions and the use of theme of traditional music in North Sumatra utilizes the symbols of ethnicity to adjust their musical composition. Types of symbols which are used by ethnic Karo, ethnic Mandailing and ethnic Malay are in the form of a color symbol, sacred animal forms symbol,and symbol of  traditional dance  from those ethnics. The symbols of ethnicity is used in various elements of marching band presentation as a reinforcement of the concepts conveyed in the show.

Keywords: Creation; Perfomance; Marching Band