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Interactive courseware and academic performance in Geometry in Junior High Schools (Published)

This study aimed to see how beneficial employing interactive courseware in teaching geometry improved students’ academic performance. The study tested how an interactive computer-based application could affect students’ academic performance in junior high schools(JHS) students through a quasi-experimental design. The study tested four null hypotheses in determining whether there is any statistical significance in performance between the experimental and control groups. Data was collected using a questionnaire and an achievement test. Data analysis was conducted using the paired sampled t-test and descriptive statistics. The findings of the pre-test revealed that there was no significant difference between the two study groups. After the study, a substantial difference between the two study groups was discovered. The study found that using computer-based software to teach Geometry increased students’ performance at the junior high school level. The study recommends that teachers consider integrating computer-based courseware in the learning of mathematics to improve students’ performance.

Keywords: Interactive, Performance, compute assisted instruction, computer-based, courseware, experimental


Advances in information communication technologies (ICT) and the exponential growth of internet usage are rapidly influencing the delivery of education and the transformation of teaching and learning approaches. One such transformation is the Moodle, an e-learning software platform, which is a Learning Management System (LMS) with the potential of integrating course deliveries in teaching and learning modes. The moodle platform is being adopted in a hybrid form into a Masters degree programme offered by the Distance Education Centre at the University of Education, Winneba in Ghana. A review of the literature reveals that there has been successful implementation of the LMS in diverse academic programme deliveries. However, since this is an innovation in the Ghanaian context, the study aims at exploring the experiences of developers during the preparation and development of coursewares for a distance mode delivery programme. Mixed methodologies of quantitative and qualitative methods using questionnaires and interview guides as instruments were used in collecting data from 50 courseware developers who worked collaboratively in developing the materials. Findings from the study will be used in informing the development of other coursewares and during the revision of the current materials.

Keywords: Distance Education, Learning Management Systems (LMS), courseware, development and collaborative work, online tutoring